South Carolina
Children in poverty: 127,000 (156,000 in 1999)
Child poverty rate: 16.32% (31st)
Food insecure households: 145,000 (10.16%, 35th)
Hungry households: 49,000 (3.43%, 31st)

Ida Spruilli, Executive Director
South Carolina Committee Against Hunger
27 Oak Forrest Drive
Charleston, SC 29407

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Food insecurity is limited or certain unavailability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods or limited or uncertain ability to acquire acceptable foods in socially acceptable ways.
is the uneasy or painful sensation caused by a lack of food; the recurrent and involuntary lack of access to food.

Data from US Census Bureau, Detailed Poverty Tables: 2000 (Released September 2001) and US Dept. of Agriculture, Food & Nutrition Research, Food Security in the United States: How Many Households? How Many People?, 1996-1998 (Released August 2000).